Mac T (holdyourtongues) wrote,
Mac T

Fuck you I have two weeks. I'm MacT dammit. I work on no timeline but my own. And K-Lowe's. And usually the NHL schedule.

So, we put another player in the ground, it's time to start the season again, right? No? Okay. Guess I'll go back to coaching the kids.

I think guys are easier to coach before their gonads drop. Maybe neutering is something to consider for my NHL team in the future.

You know what's really funny about that? They ask if you have a criminal record, and I said "yes" and they said "Okay. But is it for Sheep Humping or Drunk Driving or something all these Alberta kids' parents do already?" and I said "yes" and they gave me a whistle.

I don't get to wear a suit on the bench. How am I supposed to send the little bastards from the other team running off intimidated, peeing their little underoos(tm)?

Anyway, this is what I have been reduced to.

God I hate children. They drool on things less than the Oilers, but they have these annoying little high-pitched voices. Like 23 Bergerons running around, only bigger.
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